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Diversity Branch Three: Trivia! (Minecraft Multiplayer Adventure)

86 views 4 weeks ago
Ganja green!

Welcome back to our playthrough of 'Diversity', an adventure map by the talented map maker qmagnet!

Well, we're back! Oh, wait... We have some news. Oscar is going to be away for the next few weeks. So, although we have a thing or two prepared to upload while he's away, you'll have to do some more waiting. Lol.

As soon as he gets back towards the end of July, we will start recording on the regular again and we'll be sticking to an upload schedule. This is it, guys. The stale period is almost over!

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Diversity is an absolutely fantastic map which will take us through everything from beheading kings in the adventure branch to jumping... an awful lot of jumping... in the parkour branch!

In this episode, we finally progress to the trivia branch, in which a seemingly endless progression of arguments and fails ultimately lead to our capture of the legendary 'Ganja Green' wool!

Download the map!

Watch a playlist of this series:

Players are:
Osceydarling - Oscar
Sebby_Boy - Seb
CommanderCoby - Toby
The robot.

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