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dissonance - spoken word piece

795 views 6 years ago
dissonance performing a spoken word piece in Manchester, NH @ the Bridge Cafe.

July 25, 2008

the words:

What is this? Appalled and disgusted to the point of sickness/
It's not my business, idlely sitting by and bearing witness/
Atrocities continue to take place at a second hand's pace/
I watch the politicians scurry as they hustle to save face/
Just in case, scandal explodes/
Nuclear waste-loads/
Groves of trees deformed, reformed educational roads?/
Or routes to success, I'm much less than optimistic/
The intrinsic nature of these oligarchs have me ballistic/
Holistic approach with humankind in mind/
divinity doubt, your net worth is how a person's defined/
Entwined within the system, had enough of the machine?/
spitting out good little sheep to help increase the mean/
and I mean it should be bothersome for you to view/
an election process that rotten all the way through/
Corrupted by big business with their own agenda in mind/
Statesmen paid to spew corporate slime on the constituent's dime/
Inclined to believe the system needs a total overhaul/
set up camp and a sign adjacent to a pentagon wall/
and on the sign it clearly states for all with sight to see/
the system's fucked but change begins with you and me.

So I take ten steps back, reflect then react/
what a sight to behold, humanity dead and in a shit sack/
to decay over time in most minds, retribution/
but what's the point creating more problems with no solutions?/
collusion between Congressmen and CEOs/
executive orders, for EXECs, paid for through the nose/
I suppose that's just the nature of our capitalistic beast/
pocketing tax breaks while watching profits rise like yeast?/
Laying off 5K, a little instant gratification/
a month after swearing in the new trickle-down sensation/
Placing emphasis on welfare of a whole different sort/
Land bought for Daimler? They need our financial support?/
Last I checked, they looked set...snatching cash hand over fist/
Raytheon, Chase, CitiCorp...top my fuck you list/
Pissed from your perspective, I just call it passion/
collapse the Federal Reserve now that's a catalyst for action/
So raise your arms and resist or link with bike locks/
it's a modern day tea party tossing these tyrants off the dock/ Show less
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