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Minecon 2013 Empireminecraft and the Winner of the Mob Costume Competition

602 views 8 months ago
Minecon 2013 was attended by Empireminecraft Server Staff and Winner of the Mob Costume Competition Krysyyjane9191.

EMC or empireminecraft, is run and managed by adults, it is a great and unique server for all ages. Many family groups play together here. You can claim a residence in town or travel out to the wild and set up a base there.

With 10 servers and 40 worlds to choose from the choice is your's where, when and how far you want to take your mincrafting experiance.

I have played on empireminecraft servers for around 2 years now, they have a lot of custom mods and are constantly adding to them.

Some new mods coming in the future will give players the ability to claim land in the wild, using dragon eggs won by defeating the dragon in Dragon Tombs. EMC is unique in its game play so this feature will be unlike any other similar mods out there now.

Some of the features that EMC have right now are enraged mobs, unique to empireminecraft this mob has new and rare items that are not found on other servers they will drop once defeated.

Obamagaming have started a video series on how the mobs work a link to the channel and video is below here. Feel free to click the link and take a look



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