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Rusty Sheep

True Civilization - True Detective intro with leaders from Civ V

11,363 views 3 months ago
I made this because why not. I love both of these series to bits!

Watch in HD if you can.

Also - download our Colonialist Legacies modpack that has been featured on Kotaku and PC Gamer now (Includes the Australia, Canada, Philippines and Mexico civs, with the Inuit, Vietnam and Zapotecs coming soon)!


Sorry to Harun, Pocatello, Maria, Darius, Willia, Casimir, Theresa, Monty, Nebby, Dido, Rameses, Napoleon, Attilla, Pachacuti (#yellowking), Hiawatha, Sejong and Pacal... I wanted to include you all - but I couldn't fit you in. Shout out to my main man Suleiman. Show less
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The full collection of all the gameplays featuring maps that eXtremous converted from Battlefield: Play4Free to Battlefield Heroes. Featuring TPangolin, AverageDaniel, Zetchy and Slim.
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