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Singing wine glasses - Science with children - ExpeRimental #4

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Create a wine glass orchestra in your kitchen and explore how sound is caused by vibrations.

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Marieke and Tilly experiment with making music and doing science experiments at home. Using wine glasses filled with different volumes of liquids, they investigate how sounds are caused by vibrations and how changing the volume of liquid affects the pitch of the note. Simply rubbing your fingers around the rim of a glass can make an amazing noise. Explore sound, music and science in this fun activity to do with kids.

With enough glasses and little bit of practice you might be able to play 'Ode to Joy' like Marieka!

ExpeRimental, brought to you by the Royal Institution of Great Britain, is a series of free short films that make it fun, easy and cheap to do science at home with children aged 4 to 10. Our films give you lots of ideas for kids' activities that will help you explore the world around you, question and experiment together. We'll show you how to do the activity and how to make sure adults and children get the most out of it. Why not have a go and then tell us what you think on our Facebook page? https://www.facebook.com/Ri...

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