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A look at "money creation" and what the real deal behind private banking is.
The first few video give great overall info, then it gets into viewing that I feel is necessary for Canadians. The Money Masters, The Secret of Oz, and Money As Debt 1, 2 & 3 are amazing documentaries. Other videos are taken from the documentaries "Oh Canada Movie" (for Canadians) and "The Crash Course" (for Americans) are also really worth watching. Please share this playlist and videos, it is time we put an end to our economic slavery.

432 Hz - Jamie Buturff videos Play

"This video is a straight up talk about the A=432Hz tuning and how it relates to Marko Rodin's Vortex Based Mathematics, or VBM. The 432 in Nature, and how Leonard Horowitz is promoting disharmonious frequencies because he misinterpreted the Marko Rodin and Joseph Puleo Family Number groups - the 1,7,4 - 2,8,5 and 3,9,6 - to be actual frequencies when they are not. These numbers are pathways of how energy naturally wants to travel. See Rodin Coil for more info or the last video in this series for more info. My website is www.SpiritualResults.com"
(Description taken from one of Jamie's videos)
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