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Adam Ford

Hugo de Garis & Ben Goerzel on the Singularity

1,680 views 8 months ago
Experimental video mashup on the Singularity featuring Ben Goertzel & Hugo de Garis
Music by Scott Hanson (Tycho) - the actual song is Melanine form the album Dive.

Science, Technology & the Future - By Design
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Interview with Hugo de Garis 2010 Play

Interview with Mr Hugo de Garis (a professor) after the Singularity Summit Australia 2010.

Four hours of POWER!!
Non stop Artilect Mayhem!

Playlist on YouTube here: youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4A40F6FE9582481F&feature=view_al­l

Another interview with Hugo de Garis: youtube.com/playlist?list=PL869F45028429FEE2&feature=view_al­l

Also, here are all the Hugo de Garis videos I have on YouTube: youtube.com/user/TheRationalFuture/videos?query=Hugo+de+Gari­s

You can watch all of these in a row, then you are a champ, and probably don't work or have a family.

Humanity+ @Melbourne 2012 Play


Humanity+ conferences bring extraordinary people together from across the globe to discuss the ethical use of technology to expand human capacities. The discussions range from artificial general intelligence, to genetics, prosthetics, nanotechnology, life extension, cryonics, the singularity, global security, the environment, arts and entertainment. The Humanity+ conference in Australia in 2011 was the first-ever H+ conference in the southern hemisphere, and helped bring ideas to billions of people.
What: A conference on Future Science and Technology
Where: RMIT Storey Hall -- Building 16 342 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia
When: Saturday 5th -- Sunday 6th May 2012 (Starting 9am)

We live at a fascinating and critical time in human history, when transhumanist ideas are rapidly moving into the mainstream media and the public eye. This presents both risks and opportunities. Humanity+ is working with experienced PR professionals to strategize methods for ensuring that this increase in publicity transpires in a positive way — for example, by sending appropriate H+ Magazine articles to mainstream media sources.

"Humanity's emerging challenges are without precedent. Artificial General Intelligence may prove to be crucial to our survival: we'll need help. It will also challenge ideas of what it means to be human. It's worth spending a little time pondering the potentialities." -- Colin Hales PHD

"Adam Ford, is the organizer of Australia's "Humanity +" and "Singularity Summit" conferences, that he started in 2010 and has been continuing each year. He has also built up quite a catalogue of video interviews of world known notable whom he has invited to these conferences. Since the topics of these conferences will probably dominate our global politics later this century (e.g. on issues such as whether our machines should become smarter than humans, or how to make humans live forever, etc) it is likely that future historians who write on these issues will see him as having played a historic pioneering role in making Australians conscious of what is to come with accelerating technologies." -- Prof.Dr. Hugo de Garis

"The H+ Summit is an absolute must see for anyone with a stake in humanity, technology and how they will compliment each other in the future. High quality speakers and subjects left me reeling and keen to lean more, change more and embrace a human enhanced future!" -- Ms Cobina Crawford

"Adam Ford, organizer of the Humanity+ and Singularity Summit conferences, has built up quite a strong international reputation overseas, which allows him to be able to invite world class experts to speak at his conferences, which makes them especially interesting and worth attending."

"Having attended H+ in 2011, I have decided that it is a must-attend conference for 2012. It allows me to keep abreast of a variety of science and technology advancements via thought leaders focused on the future." -- Craig W. Pearce, Security Architect

"The changes we see all about us due to technology are not just profound with respect to our society, they are redefining us as a species.
They are also happening in so many disparate areas and at such a rate it is very difficult for constructive dialogue to occur. Thus any dialogue which seeks to explore and address these complex issues we now face across many disciplines is not only a good thing, it is an essential thing.

I therefore commend Adam for his forums and look forward to this years Humanity Plus conference in Melbourne." -- CEO, Second Tree -- AI Expert
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