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Mastering Music Tutorial 101 : Learn the Secrets & History of Audio Mastering

5,896 views 3 months ago
From http://puremix.net Fab Dupont unveils the secrets of mastering and gives you the keys to understand this part of the process.
You will learn where it comes from, how it has evolved through time, why this is as important as recording and mixing, and if you should do it yourself.

In a general approach, Fab details the different goals of mastering from coherence in sound to the loudness war.
If the concept of mastering has always seemed obscure and distant from you, this video will enlighten you. Show less
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2011 Gearfest Recording Tutorial: Drums, Guitar, Vocal, Bass Play

This is the full video batch of the 2011 Gearfest Recording Seminar videos. A great video tutorial series to learn how to record drums, guitar, vocal, violin and bass.

PureMix Trailers Play

This the playlist of all the trailers we have available on http://puremix.net.
They all are advance mixing, recording, mastering and producing tutorials.
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