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pureMix Trailer

2,224 views 6 months ago
http://puremix.net is an online platform that teaches how to mix, record, producer and master music.

Founded by award winning engineers, pureMix.net is the only website where the biggest names in the industry share their techniques and secrets. pureMix.net chose to go beyond teaching specific software to dive deeper into the recording and mixing process, to teach you how to listen, think, record, and mix like a pro, regardless of what equipment you own.

No matter where you are in your recording career, puremix.net is the perfect companion on your quest for audio excellence. For students - it's an endless, always open laboratory and extended learning environment, for hobbyists - it's your chance to see and learn how the pros really do it and for professionals anywhere in the world - it's your connection to the highest level of knowledge and a community of like minded peers. Show less
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2011 Gearfest Recording Tutorial: Drums, Guitar, Vocal, Bass Play

This is the full video batch of the 2011 Gearfest Recording Seminar videos. A great video tutorial series to learn how to record drums, guitar, vocal, violin and bass.

PureMix Trailers Play

This the playlist of all the trailers we have available on http://puremix.net.
They all are advance mixing, recording, mastering and producing tutorials.
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