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Obama on Benghazi -- lies, obfuscation, and cover-up

239 views 5 months ago
This guy is an unbelievably bad liar, but in spite of the very clear evidence of what happened in Benghazi, he continues his charade.

We KNOW that Gen. Carter Ham learned about the assault on the compound within 15 minutes of its beginning.

WE KNOW that General Ham met with Secretary Panetta (approximately 3:15 PM)

We KNOW that Panetta and Secretary Dempsey met with Barack Obama at 5 PM for 30 minutes. During this meeting, Obama was informed of the terror attack by Panetta.

We KNOW that a State Department email identifying Ansar al-Sharia as the attackers was received at State Department Operations at 6:07 PM.

We KNOW that Gregory Hicks informed Hillary of the terror attack at 8 PM.

We KNOW that Obama retired to his quarters at 9 PM to prepare for a Las Vegas fundraiser.

We KNOW that Obama and Hillary discussed the situation in a phone call at 10 PM.

We KNOW that Hillary Clinton publicly blamed "inflammatory material posted on the Internet" for violence at 10:30 PM. This was the source of the "video did it" cover story.

We KNOW that on 9/14/2012, standing with flag-draped coffins, Hillary and Obama blamed the Internet video for the violence and for the next two weeks Team Obama blamed video.

We KNOW that Barack Obama speaking at the UN on September 25, 2012 -- a full two weeks after the Benghazi raid -- was still blaming the video for the violence.

We KNOW that in the first week of October, Team Obama changed the narrative and blamed the intel community for "misinformation." This line continued at least until 11/28/2012 when Carney again repeated the "intel community misinformation" lie.

And in the interview above, Obama continues the lies, obfuscation, and cover-up of the circumstances and events surrounding the terror attack on the Benghazi Mission and CIA Annex -- two years and five months after the deaths of four Americans and the wounding of many more. Show less
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