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The Musical Midget

Sweet Sacrifice - Evanescence - The Open Door - Remix

2,035 views 1 year ago
This remix has been HUGELY inspired by the song "Wake Me Up" by Micron. All he did was sample an Evanescence song from Bring Me To Life and made this EPIC song out of it.. So I did the same! I did it as Sweet Sacrifice by Evanescence because I thought it'll be epic and scary enough! This is defiantly different from my other remixes, it's all in one chord throughout the song and has major beats and loops involved!
I hope you like this one! Thank you for the support..!

Song: Sweet Sacrifice
Artist: Evanescence
Album: The Open Door

Music details:
Key: F# minor
BPM: 97
Time sig: 4/4

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