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La Diosa o El Enigma 1911 - 2011

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Explosives Intervention in sculpture The Goddess or The Enigma

In this further version of the work produced to meet the commission from Barcelona City Hall, Clarà removed all the superfluous elements belonging to the original piece in order to bring out the purely sculptural properties of the figure. Pursuing the process of formal simplification he had undertaken in preceding years, when his work conformed more closely to the classical precepts of Noucentisme, Clarà brought his attention to bear on the essence of sculpture to achieve his own personal and refined interpretation of the female body. The outcome was this goddess of rounded forms and contained sensuality whose great physical vigour serves to ennoble the grandeur of a body modelled with a highly structured architectonic sense. The passive and distant attitude of the figure likewise reflects the characteristics of Clarà's work at a time when he was at the height of his powers.

In short, "The Goddess" is the best-known of all Clarà's works and the one that best represents the profoundly Mediterranean canon of ideal beauty as conceived by this sculptor. Its location in such a prominent central area of the city and its proximity to the viewer have helped to make it one of the iconographic symbols of Barcelona.


Obra original de 1928 sobre un model de 1911, còpia actual de 1982. El disseny original de 1911 contenia elements que Clarà va eliminar per considerar-los superflus. La figura mostra una actitud passiva i distant. La Deessa o l'Enigma


Obra original de 1928 sobre un modelo de 1911, copia actual de 1982. El diseño original de 1911 contenía elementos que Clarà eliminó por considerarlos superfluos. La figura muestra una actitud pasiva y distante. La Diosa o el Enigma Show less
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