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Beatles Live USA - HQ Play

A compilation of the best quality live performance video that I could find.
BEATLES - Live Performances in the USA - (Turn Left @ Greenland)
Genuine LIVE, no lip-sync.
Songs are complete in their entirety, start to finish, no voice-overs or comments.
I tried to put this all together as if it were a concert and in the chronological order that they were performed.
The Anthology DVD box set did not contain this concept, so I stepped in to provide what I believe, gives the fans something old and "Something New" at the same time.
Property of Apple Records and The Beatles.
I hope that Paul & Ringo ( and the Martins ) enjoy this as much as I did putting it together. Maybe they might use the idea for a future release.
And, all comments are welcome.

1 I Want to Hold Your Hand
2. Till There Was You
3. She Loves You
4. From Me To You

1.This Boy
2.All My Loving
3.Twist and Shout
4.Please, Please Me

1.I Feel Fine
2.Im Down
3.Act Naturally
4.Ticket to Ride

3.You Cant Do That
4.Twist and Shout (short ver. @ Shea Stadium)

PT 5
More Shea Stadium

Beatles Vinyl {Dr.Robert HD} (MFSL) Play

HD Audio - 1080p ~ Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab ~ Half-Speed Mastered.
Pressed in Japan by JVC on HD Super Vinyl.
Analog to Digital Conversion 24bit/96khz by Dr. Robert.
Nitty Gritty RCM 1.5
Technics SL-1200MK2 DD Turntable with KAB Fluid Damping and KAB record grip
Ortofon 2M Black MM Cartridge
Pro-ject Tube Box SE II Preamp (2x GroveTubes GT-12AX7-R3)
Tascam US-144 external USB 2.0 Audiointerface
Mac Pro Dual Zeon 2.66 GHz
Bias Peak LE 6.2 recording software
Click Repair 3.3.1 for de-click (manual mode only)
iZotope RX Advanced 1.21 for Vinyl NR
iZotope RX Advanced 1.21 for Redbook conversion
xACT 1.71 for Redbook SBE correction
XLD Version 20100711 (120.5) for FLAC conversion

Video Compilations by Alan May
Produced by TheKnowBuddies
))))))) "Preserving History" ((((((((
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