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The Realm of Shadow (Channel Trailer)

84,273 views 9 months ago
Figured it was about time I made one of these properly.

For those who haven't subscribed to me yet, welcome to my channel! I primarily make videos in both Garry's Mod and Source Filmmaker, some serious and some comedic.

It should be noted that yes, I am a Brony. So if Ponies aren't your thing, then have no fear; there's plenty of other videos on my channel for you to watch, so everyone can enjoy.

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The Elements of Insanity Play

From an alternate timeline, another Mane 6 is transported into the Gmodverse. One by one, they stumble upon a forsaken graveyard, haunted by the spirits of Gmod Freaks past and present. And one by one, Pony and Freak combine into new monstrosities...

A Tale of Two Spies Play

The Gmod Tennis between me and my friend, DustyOldRoses.
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