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Welcome to the Fuel Project!
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Stay Free Play

The sequel to Know Your Enemy and the second phase in the Fuel Project.

This series is available on DVD at http://theapologeticsgroup.com/product/stay-free-why-society­-cant-survive-without-god/

Also available as an e-book at Amazon:

UK - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Stay-Free-Society-Survive-ebook/dp/B­0081QL1GC/

US - http://www.amazon.com/Stay-Free-Society-Survive-ebook/dp/B00­81QL1GC/

Donations can be made via PayPal to authenticfuel@gmail.com

The Restless Church Play

In this third series by The Fuel Project we explore what is going wrong with church and conclude that the church we know today looks nothing like the one that Jesus intended. We investigate what can be done to return the church to a truly Biblical model, and in the process become the salt and light that Jesus commanded us to be.

This series is now available on DVD through The Apologetics Group @ http://theapologeticsgroup.com/product/the-restless-church-m­ark-fairley-and-the-fuel-project/
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