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Aion 2.0 Gladiator Raidou - Storming the Inggison

87,005 views 3 years ago
Vid Downloadable at: http://www.megaupload.com/?...
RIP megaupload :(

This is my second PvP vid frapsed mostly with full L50 elite set on and in the late days with +10 L50 elite set on. Edited myself and since it's my second vid i made it "better" looking then the first one as i have a bit more experience with editing.

Side note: I click on Strenghten Wings I in some parts of vid, thats old footage it's bound :P

Anyway enjoy the show and don't forget .. Barney Stinson is so Legen...dary that he decided to show in my vid!

@Comments: Feel free to ask stuff i may even answer :P no trolling pls!

SONGS: 1.st is from Barney's "get psyched" mix Bon Jovi - You give love a bad name. Second one is Tobymac´╗┐ - New World. Third is from Blue Stahli - Ultra Numb and the last one is shortened Blue Stahli - Scrape.

@Whiners on the first vid, no pve'rs grinding mobs in 1st zone here and as for undergeared ppl, i can't totally not show them but there are some names you know or ppl with some fine gear i kill so you should get the idea.

I've used free template from a dude called SonyVegasPro1, big thanks to him for that! http://www.svp-online.weebl...

Thanks for watching/reading.

Till the next vid.

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