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Ceaze - Underrated [Official Video]

12,714 views 1 year ago
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Verse 1

use to not having shit the past is sick
i travel with my baggage quick thinking
understanding things i once didnt
an analyst the patterns switched the task is big
so is my heart so can i live
storming on my city this time around
im all theres been for a minute now
i said a vow i'd put us on
while they tried to bring me down
so you niggas could take that wrong
know it dont take alot of money and effort to write a song
but it do to put it out and youpussies aint show support
fuck it im more strructed i give thanks
my circle tighter bred a fighter
i went through some great lengths been days spent
in the booth nothing new tell the truth
im with the troops so they salute
just got off the stoop and you think yall due
come on boss
theres so many dons so many trapstars
if all yall really getting money hunting with the mac on
why u busy budgeting struggling
did i add wrong something dont seem right
figure that yall need light
so let me shine on you style on you we intervened t c m g
that's the regime get off that lean we in the lead now feel the the breeze
making a scene they never seen
im in it deep

Verse 2
man i remember mad endeavors had me sick cause my moms
was stretching ends out months at a time
stuck in a bind ended up sick
dog i almost put her in pine
and none of my so called niggas even hit up my line
so nah
dont ride the wave i rather you hate
im throwing bait
just to diss you back i could pick up slack
and hold more weight
hard to say i aint me still they call me black mike
that shit got me hazy thinking bout my past life
before i let it settle in i was born to be more than them
what you seeing now is just all this angst
that i cornered in
swore its just the passion thats lasting
forever i ain't give more than I could make
so its higher the stakes or yall aint men
safe to say yall dead
when i step on the stage
I end your trends and all sitting to long
im on my job
i think its odd how you think you dope
mad brothers on that snow
I give a fuck about that though , im laying low

Directed by William Henriquez
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