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Tekk's Tavern

Welcome to Tekk's Tavern!

5,592 views 1 year ago
This is my video to introduce visitors to Tekk's Tavern. It will be shown as the intro video for people visiting my channel that are not yet subscribed. Please feel free to browse my channel and videos and become one of the gang here at the Tavern. We will save you a spot at the bar and keep your tab up and running.

Thanks for visiting and look forward to having you back soon! Show less
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Boardgame Shenanigans

So there are these games that dont require a computer. Yeah you have to actually "play" them with other people in person. Yeah weird....right?

Tekk's Travels | Rift: Storm Legion Play

This is a casual LP series of sorts. It will be a "Whenever I feel like it..." series where I post videos of my adventures on the Storm Legion expansion for Rift. =)

Shadowrun Returns | LP Play

We attempt to hack into the database of the largest beer company of the future to try and rig up free brews for life. Place your bets on my success.

Crusader Kings 2 - Tutorial Series Play

Just a small series showing some tips and early game concepts on playing CK2. This is not meant to be a complete and comprehensive video series but more of a beginner basics to help get people not familiar with the series or Paradox strategy games in general.
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