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Inside the TOEFL® Test: Writing Question 2

125,080 views 2 years ago
Learn everything you need to know about question #2 of the TOEFL iBT® Writing section, also known as the Independent Writing question. Video includes tips, sample questions, scoring criteria, and a sample response.

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Inside the TOEFL® Test Play

Learn everything you need to know about the Speaking and Writing questions on the TOEFL® test.

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Tips for the TOEFL® test Play

Want tips for doing your best on the TOEFL® test? Watch this playlist to hear test-taking strategies.

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Study Abroad - TOEFL® Destinations Play

Listen to what educators at colleges and universities around the world are saying about the TOEFL® test — how it enhanced their curriculum, helped students succeed at their institutions, and more.

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TOEFL® Resources Play

Watch this playlist for an overview of the TOEFL® test, ways to prepare for the TOEFL® test and what it offers students.

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