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DRONES: Will they save us or destroy us?

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For all the rhetoric around drones, you might think think that this is a zero-sum game: Drones will either destroy the world, or they'll save it. The truth, of course, is that, well, they're set to do both. The military is using drones to carry out ever more sophisticated missions, creating a new generation of enemies. But the same technology is being harnessed and applied for life- and planet-saving reasons, too. TED speakers have been thinking about drones for a long time. Hear experts including designer Paul MacCready (speaking in 1998!), now-former-DARPA director Regina Dugan and sci-fi author Daniel Suarez give their take on the topic -- and decide for yourself. TED presents DRONEWEEK. Watch the talks. Join the conversation. See more at on.ted.com/droneweek Show less
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