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Study Music Project Patreon - FREE STUDY MUSIC

7,040 views 2 weeks ago
For FREE Study Music, please check out my Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/stud...

Hey guys, it's been awhile, but i'm excited to tell you that I have started a Patreon Page for Study Music Project.

The music in this video is a PREVIEW of new Study Music Project music I'm working on. To get more previews of music before they come out, please check out my patreon!

I just want you to thank you for visiting by offering a FREE MP3 from Study Music Project!!!! If you are not familiar with what Patreon is, it's like a Kickstarter, but instead of collecting a HUGE sum of money for one huge project, you pledge small amounts of change ($1-2) per small video project.

One of the main reasons why i started this was because right after I graduated, I saw my student loans and was TOTALLY overwhelmed. if you guys have it in your heart to support me in on patreon, i would be forever grateful T_T!!!

At the very least, check out the patreon page to get a free mp3, and to watch the video for a PREVIEW of some of the NEW MUSIC i've been working on..it will be released when the school year starts!

Thanks again everyone!

All the best,
Dennis Kuo

MUSIC BY DENNIS KUO (Composer, Musician, Medical Student)


Study Music Album 1: http://bit.ly/music4themind
Study Music Album 2: http://bit.ly/cramsession

My name is Dennis Kuo, and I am a medical student. I am also the MUSIC COMPOSER of the Study Music Project. With my inhumane amount of exam cramming experience and music production, I bring to you my original pieces of study music to help you relax, focus, and concentrate.

Default Playlists:
http://bit.ly/smpcomplete (Play All Study Music)
http://bit.ly/onlypiano (Piano Study Music)
http://bit.ly/beststudymusic (Best Study Music ~ 1 hr long uninterrupted)

Music composition, arrangement, performance, and production by Dennis Kuo
Artwork by Dennis Kuo

Artwork and Music Copyright 2014 Dennis Kuo. All Rights Reserved. Show less
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Relaxtopia: Relaxing Music Playlist Play

Relaxtopia is a new music project created by Dennis Kuo. Compared to the Study Music Project, Relaxtopia is much more mellow and emphasizes ambience and atmosphere over melody. Please check out the music and subscribe to the new channel!

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