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Why I Like Spring

21,873 views 7 months ago
Recorded at SpringOne2GX 2013 in Santa Clara, CA.
A short series of developer interviews with both conference attendees and presenters alike, on their experiences with Spring. Show less
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Introduction to Apache Tomcat 7 Play

Apache Tomcat is the mostly widely deployed application server in today's enterprise market. Developers, QA teams and IT managers all use Tomcat in a wide variety of deployments with incredible success.

This session looks inside the popular Apache project to examine the new features provided in Apache Tomcat 7, including the new features in the Servlet 3.0, JSP 2.2 & EL 2.2 specifications, improvements in memory leak detection and prevention, new security features that can prevent CSRF attacks and session fixation attacks and a host of other new features.

Getting Started with Spring and SpringSource Tool Suite Play

Spring is a comprehensive framework that has helped countless developers build better applications and SpringSource Tool Suite (STS) is the best development tool available for building Spring-based solutions.

This webinar is designed for enterprise developers that are just starting with Spring and need to learn the basics about project set-up, bean configuration and application testing and analysis.

Message Driven Architecture Play

This seminar will provide an overview of Spring's support for scheduling, messaging, and enterprise integration. You will learn how these features provide a platform for message-driven architecture. You will also learn about Spring's support for Hohpe and Woolf's Enterprise Integration Patterns. This will include demos of several basic patterns such as Message Channel, Message Transformer, and Message Router, as well as composite patterns such as Scatter/Gather using a Splitter and Aggregator. The examples will also cover different options for adding custom integration logic within the configuration-driven context. Those options include not only POJOs, but also Spring 3.0's Expression Language and Groovy scripts. Finally, you will see Channel Adapters and Messaging Gateways that support JMS, Web Services, Email, and more.
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