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Never Been Used - award winner - 24 Hour Film Race 2009, Seattle

1,361 views 4 years ago
A little OCD never hurt anyone. But can it be overcome in the name of true love? (created in 24 hours)

Winner of the audience choice award for best film of the Seattle 24 hour Film Race 2010.

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All writing, filming, editing and music selections were made within a 24 hour period from May 7th at 10 pm to May 8th at 10 pm.

Required theme: Used
Required element, a prop: Toothpick
Max length: 3:30 before credits.

Full contest awards announced 6/1/10!

1st runner up (2nd place)
Audience Choice
Best Direction (tie)
Best Leading Actor

http://www.filmracing.com/F... Show less
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Our most successful short films.

48 Hour Film Project 2013, Seattle Play

A collection of films made in 48 hours, from July 12th to 14th, 2013. All films had the following requirements:

Character: Gino or Gina Asplund, Barista
Prop: Cheese
Line: "There must be something in your ear."

Minimum length: 4:00
Maximum length: 7:00
(length not including credits)

More information: http://www.48hourfilm.com/en/seattle/
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