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【UTAU Anniversary】 Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga Kai 【12 UTAU CHORUS】

209 views 4 months ago
I worked on this all the last week, some usts were missing, and the renderization took me more than 3 hours... = I'm not happy with the outcome.

Plus, It comes really late...The Timeloid's anniversary was the 18th.
Whatever. I'm done.


■ Original by Shimo
■ Background Video by 2daime (http://www.nicovideo.jp/wat...)
■ UST from sm15628702
■ Image: http://destinykaychan.devia...
■ Mp3/Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/span...
■ Singers:

TIMELOIDS (They are placed like a clock.)

12: Kori Twelves (ACT4)
11: Eita Eleven (ACT3,5)
10: Ayame Tenneson (ACT 3,5)
09: Akira Niner (VCV beta | the old voice...)
08: Haruka Eights (ACT4 CV | Soon I'll release it)
07: Yu Sevens (VCV Beta)
06: Riki Sixton (VCV + CV)
05: Koru Fivet (Flagged from Kori's voicebank= g+13)
04: Taiga Fourier (ACT 1)
03: Haru Threet (ACT 2 | New configuration (flags+resampler))
02: Ayaka Twombly (ACT 2 | Soon I'll release it)
01: Hina Onegin (ACT 1)

The 12 UTAUs belongs to me, of course. Show less
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