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[Atlas V] Launch of GPS IIF-7 on Atlas V 401 Rocket from the Cape

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The 7th GPS II-F satellite, GPS IIF-7, was successfully launched on an Atlas V 401 rocket today, August 2nd 2014 at 03:23 UTC, 23:23 Local. This was the 47th overall launch of the Atlas V rocket since the inaugural flight in August 21st 2002. Show less
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STS-135 Play

Videos related to STS-135, Space Shuttle Atlantis which is due to launch in July 2011, STS-135 will be the final ever Space Shuttle mission.

STS-135 will bring to the International Space Station a Multi-Purpose Logistics Module full of cargo as well as a Lightweight Multi-Purpose Carrier. The LMC will be used to take down broken parts from the ISS. Finally STS-135 will take the Robotics Refueling Mission (RRM).

STS-134 Play

Videos related to STS-134, Space Shuttle Endeavour which flew in May 2011.

STS-134 brought to the International Space Station Express Logistics Carrier 3, A Glacier Freezer and the AMS-02 (Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer 2).
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