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LittleLight - Inner Flow feat. Martin Siuda (Official Video)

9,675 views 4 months ago
LittleLight is back with some new ambient/scifi sountrack tune which originaly started as a fun project while collaborating with his friend and in the end it evolved into the biggest audio-visual project of his life so far, involving 10 people in total who contributed to it's existence! By this he would like to thank every and single one who contributed on this project, because without you it wouldn't be such an easy task ... it was juuuuust craaaaaazy :-).

Download mp3: http://goo.gl/KaEJrZ

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Echo Grid - Eventide [Album] Play

Equal parts the confident work of a craftsman and the emotive release of an artist, Echo Grid (formerly Aphelion) is developing a status as a truly passionate and diverse composer. Echo Grid gently leads you into a rich, engrossing world of detail and warmth, far from the disquiet of the everyday. It is music for losing yourself, finding yourself, remembering what was and dreaming of what may be.

Buy the album: http://shop.stereoscenic.com/album/eventide


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Stellardrone - Light Years [Album] Play

Album: Light Years.
Label: Energostatic Records.
Release Date: 2013-06-22.
Genre: Space Ambient.
Artwork by Evaldas Arlauskas.

Stellardrone is a pseudonym of amateur composer (Edgaras, b.1987) who started creating music in 2007. Using only computer software (Reason, Ableton) and virtual synthesizers. He is mostly interested in ambient/electronic/space music. Releasing all albums for free (with an option to donate/buy) and promotes free sharing of digital copies.


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Aleks Michalski - We Are The Universe [Album] Play

Download Album: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aleks-Michalski-Axen/12863961­7337975?id=128639617337975&sk=app_204974879526524

I'm a electronic producer from Poland. Also known as "Axen". I love to produce progressive house/trance, ambient and soundtrack tunes.

I'd like to present my first space music album. I've always dreamt of creating this kind of music compilation. The universe is the thing that brings me a lot of inspirations in my life. It's astounding how it can change your personality and way of looking at the world. We can't really get there physically but thanks to our imagination and music we're able to feel it deeply inside us. Well, indeed, we're the part of this universe...

The album consists of 14 pieces which will take you deep into space for almost 2 hours. You can expect tracks with soothing melodies, deep basses, harmonious chords and many more.

Just think positive, open your mind and let the music take you away from the Earth.
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