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LEAGUE OF LEGENDS - Lux Support - Full Gameplay Commentary - Season 4

52 views 18 hours ago
Welcome to my Lux Support video. In this League of Legends gameplay commentary I hope to mildly entertain you and provide some tiny level of guide in the build of Lux in the support role. Lux is a fun champion to play and build!

League of Legends is a free to play MMO game from Riot Games. Riot Games provide all users with a license to use their gameplay in videos. Show less
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League Of Legends Gameplay Commentaries Play

Playing League of Legends! In these videos I play a variety of different champions, while doing an in game commentary.

You can follow on from my very first commentary, and as I explore various champions from Volibear, Garen, Rengar and more.

Perhaps not the most pro player at the moment, or demonstrating all the top plays, but hopefully there is entertainment enough for you within here.
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