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Darksiders - #1. The Apocalypse Begins

8,964 views 1 month ago
Hello everybody, SlimKirby here, and welcome to Darksiders!

This action-adventure game was realeased by THQ and Vigil Games a few years back, even granting a sequel that was even released on Wii U. It follows War, one of the Four Horsemen, on his quest to find out what caused his early arrival on Earth, prematurely starting the Apocalypse without his three brothers. Demons and Angels have already started fighting and War doesn't seem to be at full strength either. This cannot be good...

This video showcases the beginning tutorial segment that introduces combat, the movement, and of course, the story.

Anyway, as mentioned at the beginning, this project is something completely different on my channel and I intend to see it through to the end, so I hope you guys enjoy Darksiders.

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[LP] The Simpsons Hit and Run Play

This is my replay of The Simpsons Hit and Run. I did a walkthrough version of this project back in 2007 with bad video quality and no commentary. Now I'm returning to Springfield once again to give this game the modern SlimKirby spin.

This is a 100% playthrough of the game with some exceptions. Look at the video description for the 1st video to examine these exceptions.

This project is completed!
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