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Let's Play Banjo Tooie - #1. Dial 'W' For Witchcraft

12,612 views 1 month ago
Hey guys, SlimKirby here and welcome to my playthrough of Banjo Tooie! After two years of...quite literally...living under a rock, Gruntilda the Witch is freed by her two sisters and together they join to take out Grunty's rival Banjo and his partner Kazooie. Before the adventure gets started though, they decide to take first blood and we say goodbye to an old friend...

As you might expect, this will be a 100% playthrough of the game. What that means specifically is that I will be getting all of the jiggies, notes, cheato pages, honeycomb pieces, the BK-Collector Items (and everything associated with them), and that should be a wrap, as far as I am concerned anyway.

Anyway, been looking forward to this playthrough for awhile now, so I hope you guys enjoy! =) Show less
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[VS] Let's Dick Around On... Play

A menagerie of multiple miscellaneous misadventures with a collection of my closest compatriots whenever I can manage the minutes to get the games in.

Standard Setup: DamnitTK, FiyahKitteh, SlimKirby, +1

[LP] The Simpsons Hit and Run Play

This is my replay of The Simpsons Hit and Run. I did a walkthrough version of this project back in 2007 with bad video quality and no commentary. Now I'm returning to Springfield once again to give this game the modern SlimKirby spin.

This is a 100% playthrough of the game with some exceptions. Look at the video description for the 1st video to examine these exceptions.

This project is completed!
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