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Wayne Shorter - Endangered Species '96 (bass)

12,140 views 3 years ago
As a vestimentary tribute to one of my biggest inspirations, Alphonso Johnson, I decided to sport the tank top on this one... he rocked a white one in the MURDEROUS live in montreux 96, but he's black, so I decided to switch colors.

Jokin' aside, I felt I needed some new horizons in my slap bass playin'. Discoverin' this tune from that live, I then listened to the Atlantis album, and discovered it was all dx7 slap. So I decided to mix the slap sound of the original with the speed and power of the live version.

I used the jazz and detuned it all one step for that late 70s marcus miller / sekou bunch sound, when they were playin with all the jamaica funk cats.

That bassline is hellish. It wasn't at all intended to be played slap style, and that was a cool thing to see how it would sound.

You owe it to yourself to check this incredible live, it will change your mind on what "fusion" (whatever the fuck that may mean) can be. Show less
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