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Slamboree 'Big Bada Boomtown' (LIVE MAINSTAGE @BOOMTOWN FAIR 2013)

6,288 views 7 months ago
What happens when u play the official festival song u've been asked to make for ur fave festival live on the mainstage @the peak of the festival?

A mindspanking bass-fuelled party ensues both onstage & in the crowd.

FREE DL: https://freear.bandcamp.com...
FACE: http://www.facebook.com/sla...
TWIT: http://www.twitter.com/slam...
SOUND: http://soundcloud.com/slamb...
WEB: http://slamboree.com

'Big Bada Boom' sample: Summer Disbray
Lighting: Elixir Lighting https://www.facebook.com/El...
Live mastering: Matt Clarke

Video produced by: Leora Bermeister https://www.facebook.com/My... & Lucas Sinclair https://www.facebook.com/Lu...

Camera: Mike Howard, Ricko Roach, Leora Bermeister

Artwork: Danielle Sweetland https://www.facebook.com/Sw...

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Slamboree is a live band with a Smörgåsbord of circus performers, daredevils and entertainers. We take each show as it comes, assembling a different crew from our collective for each show and every gig is very different to the last.

Musically we fuse bass-driven beats with live orchestra, guitars, percussion, loops, visuals, brass, accordian, pyrotechnics & circus. The genres bounce around glitch, breakbeat, dubstep, drum & bass, dub & electro swing fused with balkan, folk, and 'gypsy' flavours... all original & all live.

Bookings: contact@slamboree.com

This town is rockin' like a Boomtown

Booty shakin, Body breakin
pop that jiggy when the beats start playing
an i lay down the rhythm with a mic in my hand,
takin it to the town we call boom from the club land

Its about that time of year so grab your friends an ya tents an a couple o beers; adhere to the Freear when the bass line kick it
transmittin' to the masses all classes shakin asses never
PASS UP -- on this opportunity to get
MASH UP -- runnin' wild n free; come an
RAVE UP -- with the Slamboree
Takin' over the Bassline with these Balkan beats

See we here to entertain,
So sling back the jack, crack a six pack, or abstain
Don't complain about the weather an whether or not it rains
Who said a little boom was bad for the brain!

I'm a breakbeat barbarella one twitch of my hips an I got ya fella
quick ya know, uzi flow, got ya beau when my lips start to flicker
But now i'm dazzled an baffled by the mechanical animals of Arcadia's sights
Got the rabbit on the mic bustin out from Lostrites
but I came to break it down for Boomtown tonight!

Soon, you come into this boom.
An dancing to this tune
But honey wont you move over an gimme some more room

I came here to get down, An listen to the sounds
and break it in this crazy ol' town. Show less
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