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Minecart Interstate V3.0 | 3-Year Anniversary | Remastered - 1440p

50,144 views 9 months ago
It's been a fun three years. This is a almost perfect remake of the video from October 9th, 2010. Minecart Interstate V3.0. It's been updated with shaders, modified textures, remastered music, high framerate motion blur, 1440p HD editing, and lots of love.

The project in total took over 45hours to produce. No time building.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Original version:

● "Life's Things" by mindthings

Texture Pack:
● Brown and Bloom. I remade it custom for this video.

Mods used:
● Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders: http://bit.ly/SEUSv10Ultra (Not-Yet-Public)
● Optifine: http://bit.ly/OptifineHDUD3
● Minema: http://bit.ly/MinemaBeta2
● Single Player Commands: http://bit.ly/SPC49

Thanks to:
Sonic Ether, for helping me 1:1 on developing the look I needed and fixing glitches.
BruceKnowsBest, for MCedit help and mods
RichardLulz, for time remapping help
Skooore, for some thought provoking arguments

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- Channels -
● Main Channel ------------- http://bit.ly/YTSirCrest
● Gameplay Channel --http://bit.ly/YTCrestyPlays

- Social / Info -
● Twitch Channel --------- http://bit.ly/CrestTwitch
● Computer ---------------- http://bit.ly/SirCrestyPC
● Twitter --------------------- http://bit.ly/TWSirCrest
● Facebook ---------------- http://bit.ly/FBSirCrest
● Sound Design ----------- http://bit.ly/YTSkooore Show less
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