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SimCity Cities of Tomorrow: Official Launch Trailer

379,700 views 9 months ago
The Academy and OmegaCo battle for control of the future in the official SimCity Cities of Tomorrow launch trailer.

Available November 12, 2013. Pre-order SimCity Cities of Tomorrow: http://bit.ly/17Mxt4F

What kind of Mayor will you be in the Cities of Tomorrow? Will the city you build bask in the glow of a lush, urban utopia? Or will profits surge from the Simoleons generated by powerful corporate metropolises? As cities build to the skies and transform, can a balance be struck with both? It's up to you to decide in SimCity Cities of Tomorrow Expansion Pack. Show less
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SimCity Community Showcase Play

We've found some amazing videos some of our community Mayors have made. We'll showcase the best ones here.

Want to share your videos with us? Find out how here: http://bit.ly/12Uqibh
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