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How To Take Our Country Back I: Strategy

47,775 views 3 years ago
The Federal Reserve System is designed to create, increase, and perpetuate debt, and simultaneously reduce the real value of your money, income, savings, and investments. This 1-hour seminar provides, in simple terms, the essential information that every American needs to know if we are to restore the American Dream. Watch, then get your family and friends to do the same.
00.30 Issues
00:50 Tower of power
01:25 Chasing our tails
02:00 History of central banking in the U.S.
07:07 correction: Lincoln assassinated April 15, 1865.
07:27 correction: Chester Arthur succeeded James Garfield.
09:40 Understanding U.S. national currencies
15:17 Debt monetization
16:35 Inflation
18:40 The impact on you
24:45 The 1913 Revolution
24:50 16th Amendment
26:25 17th Amendment
29:30 A game plan for getting our country back
32:30 How you can help
35:00 Recommended books
37:20 Aaron Russo Show less
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