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Before I Go [Best Sentimental Animethon 2013]

7,159 views 1 year ago
Info and download: http://www.animemusicvideos...

Info is also available in the credits @ 3:07.

Animethon 20 - Best Sentimental
Anime Mid Atlantic - Coordinator's Choice
Anicomics 2013 - 3rd place

Finalist at:
Anime Expo, Otakon, NDK, Youmacon 2013 and Anime Conji 2014.

Paco challenged me to edit a happy AMV with this anime, so I did. I've already been told that I'm a terrible human being for doing such thing, but I regret nothing :p

This is probably the simplest AMV I've ever done, but that was my intention. I wanted to edit something really simple, since the song doesn't ask for much, and focus mainly on the relationship between the characters rather than the original storyline.

Yes, I think I might have used to many zoom outs. But hey, leaving the cross fades behind was a big accomplishment already.

Credits @3:07


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