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Jon Kelly

A Pattern of UFO Communications

9,524 views 5 months ago
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A pattern of UFO communications is evident in the skies over Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Bidirectional signalling bridges earth and air to evoke signs of psychic contact taking place over a multi-year period. Two different electronic instruments register the same repeatable phenomena indicating open lines of communications from advanced intelligences cooperating in the development of human consciousness.

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LIVE UFO Night Vision Skywatch Archives Play

Raw feeds from live night vision skywatches in Vancouver, British Columbia. Featuring digital night vision imaging with the Pulsar Recon X550. A number of the feeds include UFOs, satellites, meteors, birds and bats. The wildlife are illuminated by street lighting from the city. The irregular illumination of the UFOs distinguishes them from conventional objects. Electronic music soundtracks are performed live using small desktop modular synthesizers to invoke the psychic dimensions of contact during observation.

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UFOAM is a new online public UFO news forums providing access to informed discussions, opportunities to receive feedback and answers to questions concerning one of the world's most intriguing subjects: the mystery of UFO phenomena. Host and moderator Jon Kelly will be joined by special guests including veteran experiencers, authors and videographers who will drop by to share their latest insights in what promises to be a lively half hour event every weekday at 7:00 a.m. PST. Read the complete story along with over 100 exclusive and original UFO and UFO-related news stories in the Vancouver UFO Examiner for Examiner.com:
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