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Seagate Kinetic Open Storage platform

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The Seagate Kinetic Open Storage platform is a revolutionary new way to approach scale-out object storage with the world’s first Ethernet-connected drives and an open storage protocol, delivering architectural agility and improved performance while reducing TCO. Show less
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SeagateCreative Play

Artists, musicians, filmmakers, photographers: Post your behind-the-scenes Videos and Photos, share your tips, tools, and creative magic at Facebook.com/SeagateCreative!

Welcome to SeagateCreative, a community, forum and gallery for artists, musicians, photographers and filmmakers. A place to share stories, tips and videos, and learn behind-the-scenes magic. Creativity happens. Seagate's the leading provider of computer storage for creativity.

Watch and share videos, photos, and studio and backstage stories from SeagateCreative partners, and inspire each other with your DIY genius.

Join in, ask questions and start conversations.

SeagateCreative is part of Seagate's Creative Professionals Program, sharing the knowledge and work of renowned artistic professionals. Facebook.com/SeagateCreative
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