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CNCDudez 2012 Desktop Mini Muscle CNC Machine

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The Desktop CNC Market is flooded at the moment with cheap frames from China, that are okay for light engraving or very light milling, but they do not actually do the speeds or range of materials they claim to.

After the feedback over the last year we have concluded that there is a gap in the Desktop market for a more Robust/Rigid machine that will cut a full range of materials, just like a commercial machine, but at an affordable price for the hobby people or small business sector.

Here is a quick run down of the specs.

Ball Screws on each Axis (Not cheap trapezoidal threads)

12mm Quad Rails on Z-Axis

12mm Quad Supported Rails on X-Axis

12mm Dual Supported Rails on Y-Axis

Frame built of 60x40 anodised aluminium profile.

Mixture of tough 6mm-10mm aluminium plates, custom made.

Total dimension of the aluminium frame(approx):
width: 461 mm x depth: 461mm mm x height: 320 mm

Cutting area (Approx)
X-Axis 310mm
Y-Axis 310mm
Z-Axis 90mm

Clamping area: 370mm x 160mm, width of the t-slots: 3 x 5mm and 4 x 8mm

Built in Kress spindle holder, or can be changed out for smaller holder.

3.1nm Motors on each Axis

4.3 amps motor drivers mounted in custom box to match machine.

Motors fully wired and protected in flexi conduit.

As you can see below the Quad rail setup on the X and Y Axis means zero wobble or movement when the machine is running and espeically when it is cutting.

With the traditional way of mounting a spindle you always get the expected overhang and this can cause unwanted noise, as well as vibration, not to mention undesirable chatter when cutting certain material. The Quad rail setup does away with this by holding your spindle center of the machine and keeping as rigid as we can get it.

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