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  • or both?

    LIVE FROM KIEV: Ukrainian protesters stay put one more day in Kiev

    Unrest goes on in Kiev as violence escalates.

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ruptly
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/Ruptly
    LiveLeak: http://www.liveleak.com/c/Ruptly
    Google Plus: http://plus.googl...
  • Only a fool believes science. Gotcha. And I didn't say anyone isn't a descendent of Africa. Clearly people of all races are. But Melanesian people are actually the most distantly related to present day Africans of all the human races currently alive. So says all the genetic and archaeological evidence I've heard of.

    Afrikan Presence all around the world-Runoko Rashidi

    this is a clip from "Afrikan presence all around the world" by Runoko Rashidi. For complete dvd over 3 hours long go to www.undergroundrailroadnet.com
  • there was bad stuff going on in Congo before white men arrived. It got way worse when they did arrive. Go read King Leopold's Ghost.

    Africa's Cowboy Capitalists (Full Length)

    • by VICE
    • 1 year ago
    For maverick entrepreneur Ian Cox, Africa is the last frontier of free enterprise. The former small-time hustler has been busting his ass on the continent for years, selling and moving merchandise....
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  • Later that day, Jesse Jackson was asked about Bush's comments, and had the most hilarious response: "See, you didn't understand what the president was telling you. Sovereignty... is... sovereignty! As in sovereignity..." And I can't find it on youtube or any other site. Anyone got a link?

    George W. Bush - sovereignty

    good stuff...
  • First you say you have "substantial" Native American ancestry, then later you say 2 of your 16 great great grandparents are native. That's 12.5%. Not really that substantial. If you've been paying attention to recent genetics news, you might have heard you're also about 4% Neanderthal.

    Why Native American DNA does not show up in a DNA test

    What happened to my Native American DNA
    Created with MAGIX Video deluxe MX.An explaination of why people with documented Native American DNA like myself,still do not show Native DNA in a DNA test.
  • una ficcion racista

    Indios caníbales

    Los indios antes de la llegada de los europeos eran en su gran mayoría caníbales (se comían a personas) y hoy el diario El Comercio del Perú, trata de enseñar con su publicidad a los indios peruano...
  • They are native to the Amazon rainforest in what most people today call Brazil, which is part of the Americas. So, yes, they are Native Americans. But this tribe did not know non-native people until the early 1900's. en dot wikipedia dotorg slash wiki slash Zuruah%C3%A3_people

    First Contact - Lost Tribe of The Amazon - Sunday Night - Channel Seven

    Full Video. Tim Noonan's report on one of the worlds last and most isolated Stone Age Tribes,The Suruwaha people.
    As seen on Sunday Night Channel 7 Australia

    Copyright © 2011 Seven Network Austr...
  • "Cursed are the naked Indians of the Amazon", said no Jesus ever.

    Nude Native People in Amazon Rain Forest- Documentary

    • by LifeHD
    • 1 year ago
    Before the beginning of European colonization of the New World in the 15th century, an estimated seven to ten million Amerindians lived in American rainforests, half of ...
  • south american tapirs are not endangered. mountain tapirs from malaysia are. and not because of hunting. because of deforestation. give the white man his way in brazil and the indians and tapirs will disappear. this narrative is racist. just look at the tribes who've already been assimilated. they die of disease. they turn to prostitution and slave wage jobs. they turn to drugs and alcohol, forget their language and their vast knowledge of the plants and animals and how to survive in the forest.

    Kreen Akrore: "The Tribe That Hides From Man" (1970)

    WARNING: This documentary film contains scenes of tribal nudity, violence, alcohol references, ceremonial killing of animals, and social situations that some viewers may not find suitable. Viewer d...
  • that video was made by racist liars, who mistranslated what the indians were saying and even used non-suruwaha indians to pretend they were suruwaha. it's racist propaganda and you bought it. vimeo dot com/14989062

    April talks about the Suruwaha Tribe

    What I learnt from Sunday Night last Sunday night, and a bit of my thoughts on it.

  • Shall we not fight amongst ourselves? The US now has more Boricua than Borinken does. Why should we not have leaders and representatives here, too? Your leader on the island and these brothers from New York are on the same side. Chiiiiiilllllll. :-)

    Roberto Borrero & Roger Hernandez Air date: 08-28- 00

    ROBERTO MUCARO BORRERO (Taíno) "An historian, artist, musician, writer, and storyteller, Roberto Múcaro Borrero is one of only a handful of actual Taíno descendants in the world who are considered ...
  • Christianity has squashed out so much of human spirituality and culture, it's astounding. The Jarawa need Christianity like they need a smallpox epidemic. But dude, they're not being colonized by Christians. They're being conquered by Hindus. Same end result though. They lose their language, their religion, their culture, their knowledge of the flora and fauna of their island, and even their food. They lose balance with nature and become impoverished starving low caste Indians living in filth.

    Jarawa tribes' first contact with the outside world?

    Mad dash for the boat! Excited Jarawa tribals jump on board the first boats of visiting anthropologists to relieve them of the bananas, coconuts and other supplies the visitors have brought along a...
  • Suraj is the name of a shitty restaurant serving North Indian and Pakistani food in the town I used to live in. Which makes me wonder: Did she google "Indian names" and get confused?

    White Eagle Medicine Woman Fraud

    She took this video off her Video Responses!

    Can you now see why natives are concerned about this exploitation and abuse by those who have no real knowledge of the deep inner meaning inherent in...
  • bingo. you don't need to be indian to be indigenous (to somewhere), but it's not necessarily clear-cut what that should mean for those of us who are ethnically and racially mixed (and have been for centuries). and assuming this woman is jewish, her ancestors have been urbanized, and separated from an indigenous lifestyle for longer than just about any other people on the planet.

  • La lengua oficial es Holandes. Tambien todos hablan la lengua criolla, Sranan Tongo, basado en Ingles, con palabras Africanas, Holandeses, Portugueses. Tambien los descendientes de emigrantes de India hablan Hindi. Los Javaneses hablan Javanes (Indonesio), Los descendentes de esclavos que escapaban tienen 6 lenguas, mas o menos, algunos criollos y unos de Africa (Kwinti/Kromanti). Y hay las lenguas de los Indios que eran alli primeros. Crees que necesitan espanol? Yo creo que no.

    Suriname 2012

    January/February 2012. Trip to Surinam, South America. An Impression..
  • nah. hebrew israelites didn't exist until 5000 years ago. Indigenous people had already been in the americas for 5000 to 25000 years before that (depending on which wave of migration). ignore your nutty rabbi and check out The Journey of Man by Spencer Wells. It's on youtube

    Tribe of Gad (American Indian Hebrew Israelites)

    Judah - so called Negroes
    Benjamin - so called West Indians
    Levi - so called Haitians
    Simeon - so called Dominicans
    Zebulon - Guatemala to Panama
  • The last indigenous language of the Caribbean? What about the Kalinago language of Dominica?

    Garifuna Language & Culture: Marcelina Beata Lambey and Her Songs

    The video presents the Garifuna Language through the eyes of perhaps its most revered composer of songs and hymns, Marceline Beata Lambey. The composition of the songs has a story behind it. The ...
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