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Bokeh and DOF tests of two Zenit lenses (on Canon 7D)

2,430 views 3 years ago
This is a slide show I have put together just to share some Digital photos using Old Manual Zenit lenses on the Canon 7D. (with an adapter for the lenses so they can be put on the Canon body.)

These lenses ware given to me by my father almost 4 years ago, just when I started to get interested in Photography. He bought these lenses with a Zenit film camera in 1992 when he had an interest in photography.

I only used the camera with the small Helios 44m-7 f./2 lens a few time during my course in college when we ware learning how to develop photos from film in the dark room. But maybe a year ago I brought the Big BEAST 500mm f./6.3 from Russia with me because I found out on the internet that I can get an adapter for the lenses so they can fit on the Canon camera body.

I bought the adapter on eBay, and about a week ago it arrived in the mail.
These are some of the photos that I took with the lenses on the Canon 7D and the test photos of the lenses on the 7D.

The Bokeh and the DOF is just amazing on the 500mm f./6.3
Bokeh on this lens stands out so much compared to all the modern lenses.

All the photos taken using these 2 lenses have been unedited just for seeing the true warm colours and the contrast of the lenses!

Here is a small video of the Bokeh test on the Helios: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Thank you for watching.

Photos by: Samsoniks Photography & Graphic Design

Music by Rocky Leon: http://www.youtube.com/user...
You can listen, buy/download his songs from: http://rockyleon.bandcamp.com/ Show less
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