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Welcome to Ruby Skye P.I.'s YouTube Channel

672 views 9 months ago
Ruby Skye is a teenage girl who finds mysteries wherever she looks -- and she needs to solve them, no matter what it costs her. Stubborn, smart, determined and a little too quick to jump to conclusions, Ruby makes some unfortunate choices in her pursuit of truth, justice and, well... personal curiosity.

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Ruby Skye PI: The Spam Scam Play

Ruby Skye PI Season 1: The Spam Scam follows teen detective Ruby Skye's hilarious adventures as she discovers that her neighbour has fallen victim to the Nigerian email scam. Ruby vows to get her money back. But the clues lead in all the wrong directions and Ruby finds herself losing friends at an alarming rate.

Ruby Skye PI: Season 2 Extra Features Play

Watch Episode 1 of Ruby Skye PI: The Haunted Library playing now.

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This season, Ruby needs your help to solve the spooky and action-packed mystery of "The Haunted Library".

Teen detective, Ruby Skye, has got her hands full with ghostly late night happenings, a missing will, plenty of girl drama and an elusive mystery man.

Between the episodes, visit our website for cast pictures and video, Ruby's famous brownie recipe, and lots more fun.

Ruby Skye PI: Season 1 Extras Play

RUBY SKYE PI Season 1: Extras

Extra scenes, deleted scenes, and more from the tween web show, RUBY SKYE PI. Watch them all!

The Cast:

Ruby Skye -- Madison Cheeatow
Hailey Skye -- Marlee Maslove
Griffin -- Kevin Gutierrez
Diana Noughton -- Elena Gorgevska
Mrs. Googe -- Kirkland Garrett
Mrs. Springer -- Nawa Nicole Simon
Flint Sheerson -- Ryan Egan
Vinnie -- Ali Adati
Gary -- Raj Varma

Created/written by Jill Golick
Directed by Kelly Harms
Produced by Karen Walton and Kerry Young

RUBY SKYE PI: The Spy Scam follows teen detective Ruby Skye's hilarious adventures as she discovers that SOMEONE is taking advantage of her colorful and kooky neighbor's generosity -- and that SAME SCAMMER-SOMEONE seems to be running their whole nasty operation right out of her very own school!

Don't miss Ruby Skye PI Season 2: The Haunted Library launching this October.

Until then, check out our website for lots of cast pictures and video, Ruby's famous brownie recipe and lots more fun.

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