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Ronin Dave

Japanese Bullfighting - Bull Sumo (Togyu/ushizumo)

458 views 2 weeks ago
Japanese bullfighting is just that - bulls fighting bulls and either one has a chance unlike Spanish bullfighting. Bull sumo or ushizumo also togyu goes back to the 17th Century (some say 13th Century) and is only done in a few places in Japan.

This event took place in Uwajima on Shikoku Island. Show less
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Japanese Festivals Play

Matsuri or Japanese Festivals are wild and wonderful events and should be on anyone's itinerary for a Japanese trip. There are festivals going on every month.

Here's a list of my videos on various Japanese festivals and events that I have been to. This may be useful for those coming to Japan who would like to see such events. I've been to many more so if you have a question about a festival just ask.

Japanese Ghost Stories Play

Here are videos of me retelling old Japanese ghost stories plus true ghost stories from elsewhere.

In Old Japan Ghost Stories were a form of natural air conditioning. Summers are hot and humid in Japan and so ghost stories were traditionally told during this unbearable season to help cool the blood and send cold shivers down the spine

The Roving Ronin Report Play

This is a playlist of all my videos which have a Roving Ronin Report intro. The Intros are all different save for the beginning and end.

I always change up the middle scenes with clips of past shows, upcoming ones, the featured show, and interesting oddities.

The Roving Ronin Report videos show a wide range of subjects from traditional festivals to wild club scenes to the Battle of Hastings (the re-enactment not the real thing).

Tokyo Decadance - Japanese Cosplay Event Play

Tokyo Decadance is an eclectic mix of the underground scene in Tokyo with cyber, goth, punk, fetish, salaryman, and whatnot mixing it up and having a great time.

In this collection of Tokyo Decadance Vids, you'll see some wildly-dressed people dancing, girls kissing, a board nailed to someone's tongue, a cigarette lit by a powertool with the sparks in they guy's face, sword swallowing, bug eating, beer can eating, Santa Claus, and much more oddity.

Setsubun - Japanese Drive Out Devils With Beans 節分 Play

Setsubun is a Japanese tradition on February 3rd where Japanese drive out bad luck in the form of devils known as oni. They throw beans and shout: "Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!" which means "Devils out! Good luck in!"

Setsubun is like New Year's, Halloween, and a bit of Groundhog day are mixed into one. Originally Setsubun was the Lunar New Year's Eve and was seen as the first day of Spring despite still being dead in winter but like Groundhog Day there' that wishful thinking for Winter to end soon. It's like Halloween because people will wear devil (oni) masks especially fathers in their homes and children will thrown beans to "banish" them. At temples and shrines you can get beans, mochi, and other sweets thrown to (or rather at) you.

The tradition goes back to the 8th or 9th century and was originally from China.

Many temples and shrines have Setsubun activities and they do mame-maki, throwing of beans and other items to gathered crowds. Sometimes celebrities and sumo wrestlers participate.

It's one of my favorite traditions in Japan and I always go somewhere for the event. This is a series of videos I have shot of Setsubun activities as various temples and shrines in and around Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Shikoku, etc... See devils, gods, celebs, sumo wrestlers, and geisha in the very unique tradition of Setsubun.
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