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Roland Deschain

How to install android on the HP TouchPad the Super Easy Way (Idiots Guide 4.0)

3,576 views 3 weeks ago
Hello HP Touchpad Users Great News! Here's the full idiot's guide for installing Android the Super Easy Way on the HP TouchPad. Get the latest Kitkat builds installed with Jcsullins Touchpad Toolbox. This great tool makes all your installs a breeze and my full Rom Guide will give you the details on the latest Roms.

[ROM GUIDE]How to use the TouchPad Toolbox to install Android "The Super Easy Way"

[Video]Jcsullins CyanogenMod11 Data Media Builds on the HP Touchpad (Kernel 3.0)

Video Timecode:

Data Media Q & A (What's the TP Toolbox?) @ 1:30

What is a data media build?@ 2:38

What are the Advantages/Changes for Data Media Builds? @ 4:14

How can I go back to my old setup? @ 5:15

How can I check my current Android version and System Partition size? @ 5:40

1)Getting started, Requirements and Preparation: @ 6:07

2)(Optional)Time to Choose the Fate of WebOS: @ 7:40

3)Enter webOS recovery mode and connect the Touchpad to your PC with the USB cable: @ 12:36

4)Download, extract and run the latest version of Jcsullins Touchpad Toolbox on your PC: @ 13:52

5)Using the TouchPad Toolbox to install Android: @ 15:05

Extra uses for the Touchpad Toolbox: @ 22:55

Future development and limitations: @ 24:46

Troubleshooting: @ 25:43
Netflix and Adobe Flash fixes
Boot Loop and Bricking help ect

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