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Roble Regal ~ Growing Pains

1,383 views 5 months ago

As you grow in life you realize things change; not always for the best. You grow apart from some people, some people grow into people you can't be friends with anymore. You can't go back. Just grow.

Growing Pains.

Written and performed by me.

- Roble Regal


Intro -

I heard my boy became a murderer
I heard my ex a baby mama,
and that my boy became a murderer!
see, we just trying to make sense of things
my head turns, the world spins
the world turns, and my head spins

I don't know.. see I don't know

I don't know..

Verse 1:

I sit back and look at all
my niggas that is gone
used to come and hit the block
always catch 'em on the curb
now they outchea on the clock
either that or in the dirt
saw my ex the other day
all she asked for was a rock
girl, I don't recognize a part of ya!
it's best that we don't talk
I heard my boy a murderer!
filled his boy with shots;
and I ain't talking alcoholics,
college kids, I'm talking glocks!
my head be spinning, phone be ringing
everybody wanna gawk!
"nigga where you been at?!
these days we don't talk"
I hope you don't think that
I don't like you anymore
or like you like I did before
I'm just kicking down these doors
so we can't kick it like we did
when I've kicked and scored these goals we can kick it!


Do I know you?
Well I did..
How about now?
You still that kid?
Well, I don't know, I don't know
you gotta grow, so I don't know
Been on my own, chasing dough
saying no to changing though

Cuz I came up from that bottom!
but never really got 'em,
they drowning in bottles
I'm drowning in my thoughts
yea, I'm a deep thinker
I see into
all the ironies behind a free nigguh

Verse 2:

All of the souls that went missing
fell victim to the system
or fell victim to an ism
isn't it funny how prisons
don't need to have bars to be a prison
insecurities in these women
ruined me, yea they got me thinking
sinning, swimming in vixens
virgins, virgos, and villains
bad bitches and business
got me brazen and busy
almost distracted from ambitions
contradicted my religion
I hope that you deserve it
my presence and my person
growing pains paint my perversions
praying for paper, pigging like pot pies
fill a room with bills like Washington archives
abandoned my fears
adopted thaasophobia
ain't sitting down 'til all my years euphoria

- Chorus

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