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How to Make Paper Planes - Bomb Glider and Eagle

419,432 views 5 months ago
In this video, I explain how to make the paper planes which I call the Bomb Glider and Eagle.

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Rob's Origami Videos - Fun Paper Creations! Play

Explains how to make certain origami models step by step. For the tutorials, I will use regular printer paper. If you have origami paper or square paper, that is fine also. Hope you enjoy!

How To Solve a Rubik's Cube - A Seven Step Tutorial Play

In my beginner-friendly tutorial, I explain in detail how to solve the regular 3x3 Rubik's cube. Unlike other videos, I prefer to spend more time explaining the moves and methods instead of rushing through them and leaving viewers with questions instead of answers. Once you understand the method and memorize the algorithms,YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO SOLVE THE CUBE IN ABOUT 1-2 MINUTES WITH PRACTICE. Hope you enjoy and, as always, please leave feedback, comments, and questions if you have them. Thank you for watching!
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