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Nashua cops get overtime at 33 hour mark

937 views 5 days ago
Sponsor: http://Libertania.com - Nashua police get overtime at 33 hour mark.

Partial transcript of text/subtitles that appear in the vid (there may be unlisted gaps between the sentences):
' Spring 2014: Nashua's rulers meet to hear Mayor Donnalee Lozeau present her budget at a public hearing.

That is so rare... most politicians will say "I don't know enough about the situation," even if you're not asking them to comment on the specific situation.

That question was a little unfair to the cops...Fortune Mag reported they tasered the women for allegedly failing to leave a store, after being ordered not to videotape alleged discrimination by the store, after being denied a second cell phone. '

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Mayor vs. Camera; Pseudo Cop vs. Reporter! Play

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