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Veterans Affairs Play

Congressman Bilirakis is Vice-Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee. View videos in which Bilirakis addresses the issues facing America's veterans here.

Flood Insurance Play

Representative Bilirakis has been a leader on addressing flood insurance rate hikes and Biggert-Waters reform from the beginning of the process. Here you can find a collection of videos during which Bilirakis discusses the issues surrounding flood insurance.

Foreign Affairs Play

Congressman Bilirakis is a former member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and co-founder of the Congressional Hellenic Israeli Alliance, as well as an avid proponent of religious freedom across the globe. Watch him discuss these issues here.

Commerce, Manufacturing, & Trade Play

Congressman Bilirakis, member of the Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade has jurisdiction over numerous issues, including everything from horse racing and automotive safety to traumatic brain injuries and data security, which he discusses here.

Energy & the Environment Play

Bilirakis is a member of the Environment and the Economy Subcommittee, which has jurisdiction over "the regulation of solid, hazardous, and nuclear wastes, including mining, nuclear, oil, gas, and coal combustion waste; emergency environmental response; industrial plant security, including cybersecurity; the regulation of drinking water; and toxic substances."
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