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Time for a Pro Earth Movement

116 views 3 months ago
Renewable Rider Tom Weis calls for a new social movement, one that transcends the "environmental" movement. He explains how large bureaucratic institutions by their very nature can lose their edge, stray from their mission, and start becoming part of the political system they were created to change. Pointing out that we are running out of time to save humanity, and that saving the planet is too big of a job for just Big Green groups, he announces a new social movement called the Pro Earth movement.

Every human being who is for the Earth and who values clean water, fresh air, healthy food and a climate that supports life is invited to join the Pro Earth movement. He says there are no dues to pay, and no place to join, other than in our own hearts. He emphasizes: "It's not my movement. Let's all own it."

Urging that we ask our Native bothers and sisters to "help us find our way back to living at peace with the Earth," he envisions a future where the human family walks down a path based on love and mutual respect, saying, "Love is the greatest power." Show less
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