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2013 Carry Me - Nadia Ali (Vocus remix) - RemixEvolution vs Morgan Page Timothy Allan 720p HD HQ

6,888 views 1 year ago
Hope you enjoy as we hit Morgan Page and Nadia Ali's "Carry me" on 3 decks plus the KORG, I spent significant amounts of time breaking down the most recent 5 mixes of this track and reproducing it in this way. Timothy Allan's version had the most uptempo bassline so I went with that but had to do some frequency replacement on the bottom end to make it sound (far) better on high end sub-equipped systems, you should enjoy the change. The mid-range has been mainly taken from the original radio edits since Nadia Ali's vocals need to be allowed to shine through, and of course I take many of the mid/treble bar start/end effects from Morgan Page. Overall this came off very nicely, a good uptempo aggressive dance track. There were quite a few line up possibilities but I chose to keep it closer to the originals in the end as its a really good track to start with. Give it a listen through a few times, might be worthwhile :)
Published in 48000hz/720p with a background I made up for the track.
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