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Ray Koefoed

bZa & Ray Koefoed - Like a Machine

21,037 views 2 years ago
This is a video created by bZa. He also created the music and most of the vocals and lyrics. The only part I had was the segments of my own lyrics and vocals and the chorus duet, plus a few video segments that I participated in. It is a collaboration that I am very proud of, and I hope very much that you enjoy too.

Here is bZa's website where you can download this song, and also 2 terrific remixes that I know you will love:

Here is bZa's YouTube channel. Please check out his other great art:

You can find most of my music at these links:



Free MP3s plus Lyrics and Acapellas:

You may also find and download other stuff I have done, such as rough samples of abandoned song projects here:

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These are all videos I have created or collaborated on, including work I have done for machinima.com. Many of them feature music I created aswell. I hope you enjoy them.

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I wanted to start a playlist to be able to feature great videos that people have made using some of my music. Thank you guys very much for your great contributions! If you have created a video for one of my songs, please link it to me in a message and I will add it.
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