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Random Encounters

Wario Wrecks E3 (Music Video)

16,147 views 2 weeks ago
Wario sets up shop outside E3 2014 only to find that Nintendo is taking all his potential customers.

iTunes: http://bit.ly/1pwICOD
Amazon: http://amzn.to/1pHjK8C

Special Appearances:
The Completionist: Jirard Khalil, Greg Wilmot


Black Nerd Comedy: Andre Medows

Zelda Universe: Hombre Del Mundo


Anthony Picone


Charles Martinet, the official voice of Wario, himself!

Thanks to Nintendo's Ambassador Program for sending us to E3 this year!


It's a wretched Tuesday morning, and I'm showing off my games!
But it looks to me like no one gives a care...
What is everybody playing? I'll take a look inside!
What could be better than my Wario Ware?

Each attendee is wearing an official plastic pass,
I'm the only one without one at E3!
But maybe I could borrow someone else's for a while,
Since the greatest things in life are always free!

Everybody's flocking to Nintendo!
No one wants to play MY rotten games!
How could everybody leave to play Nintendo?!
My business is going down in flames!

I'll chase out every person! I'll evacuate each line!
I'll take Nintendo's fans and I'll make them all mine!
Then my booth will be swarming! Everyone will want to play
all my Mega-Micro titles and my Pick-the-Nose game!

I'll take this controller and find out what seems so fun-
But no doubt, my games are better, cause I'm number one!
But I'll play this game a minute, just to point out all the kinks.
Then I'll turn around and laugh and say, "This game really stinks!"
"This game-a.... uh... really... uh... wow... this game is, uh, not so bad..."

Now I'm trying every game, I can't miss a single one!
Gotta stop and play them all! I've never had so much fun!
And when I finished playing, I ran across the street
to the Smash Invitational,
where I got to compete!


Now E3 is over, and gone for a year...
I'll miss all the games I played while I was here...
A weird guy beside me leans over to say... Show less
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