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Enter the universe of laser technology

3,685 views 2 years ago
Discover the universe of laser products offered by the laser manufacturer ROFIN. From CO2, solid-state, fiber or diode lasers, the ROFIN Group provides all of the decisive key technologies. More information on http://www.rofin.com Show less
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Laser Processing in Packaging Industry Play

The processing of packaging foils is a common application with high web speeds of several hundred meters per minute. High product functionality demands are met by ROFIN's highly sophisticated laser technology offering a wide range of customized system solutions.

Lasers in Automotive Industry Play

Lasers are used to process complete vehicle bodies. Roof seam, door welding, three-dimensional cutting of hydroformed parts, annealing of door springs, marking of day & night panels are only a few examples out of a wide range of applications.

Laser Processing in Medical Device Industry Play

As laser cutting or welding is a wear-free tool, the quality of the cuts or joints and hence the quality of the workpieces is consistantly high.

Lasers are ideally suited for cutting widths and weld seams in the range of only a few microns and provide extremely gentle processing.
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